Backcare’s iPhone App

A unique, free, simple to use, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad application which provides information on all aspects of back care, and measures to help people with back pain, has been launched by the charity BackCare.

The app is called Back Care – for Back Pain and Bad Backs – and is now available from the Apple App Store.

BackCare’s Corporate Manager Janet Mee, who masterminded the project, said:
“We are always looking for new ways to help the 2.5 million people who suffer from back pain every single day in the UK.  We believe this is the first purpose built app in Europe to address the causes of Britain’s leading cause of disability – affecting 30 million people every year.
“Now, instead of having to search through books or the internet for back care information, it’s available, interactively, at the touch of a button!”

Users of the BackCare app are given basic facts about caring for their backs and how to avoid injuring them, illustrated with exercises shown on screen and videos showing the correct way to do them. The 22 videos show simple exercises, ranging from arm and leg extensions to neck and shoulder stretches. There are factsheets for cyclists, motorists, and office workers, giving them advice on how to avoid back pain.

In addition, another useful section  called “Me and My Back” allows people to keep a diary of their back pain, showing the areas affected and the level of pain. The data is saved and can be sent to the user’s email address or sent to a practitioner of their choice prior to an appointment.

An Expert at your Fingertips

BackCare’s, Janet Mee, highlights another very useful feature:
“By logging their postcode, App users will be able to locate local, qualified BackCare professionals who may be able to help them. Tabs will show full contact details – including name and address and phone numbers and directions using Google maps. So the best BackCare really will be at their fingertips!”

Matthew Sweetapple, of creative consultants Sweetapple, who assisted with the project said:
“With increasing numbers of people looking to their smart phones for everything from entertainment to weather forecasts, it’s great to help create an app which can really make a difference to people.   Back Care is using the latest 21st Century medium to reach their audience and I’m delighted to be a part of the project.”

BackCare’s CEO, Sash Newman, said:
“This app is ad free, uncluttered and fit for purpose. Back pain seriously affects the economy’s chances of recovery with 4.7 million days of work lost every year as the result of back problems.  Only BackCare, the charity for healthier backs, seems to be taking the problem seriously.”

Though free to users, the charity hopes those who make use of the app will make a donation to help BackCare, as the charitable organisation runs entirely on voluntary contributions.  To make this process simple, the app allows donations to be simply added to the user’s phone bill.

Back Care – for Back Pain and Bad Backs – is available now FREE from the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhone (OS4), iPod Touch and iPad

This project has been kindly supported by Pfizer.

Health care practitioners should contact BackCare on 020 8977 5474

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