Physios urged to respond to new dementia campaign

8 November 2011

A campaign to raise awareness of the early symptoms of dementia is underway, launched by the Department of Health.

Six out of 10 people with dementia in England go undiagnosed. This means almost 400,000 people could be going without the support of NHS and social care services.

‘People are afraid of dementia,’ said care services minister Paul Burstow.

‘And rather than face the possibility someone we love has the condition, we can wrongly put memory problems down to “senior moments”.

‘Being diagnosed with dementia won’t make the condition worse but leaving it untreated will.’

The £2 million media campaign targets the family and friends of people at risk of dementia who are likely to be the first to see the signs.

Role of physiotherapists

Physiotherapists work as part of a multi-disciplinary team ensuring the delivery of high quality, effective care for people with dementia.

And the importance of physical activity is highlighted by the CSP in its ‘Dementia care’ Physiotherapy works factsheet, available online.

Exercise shows ‘positive results’

‘The role of physical exercise within dementia care is evidenced and demonstrated with very positive results,’ said CSP practice unit head Claire Strickland.

Ms Strickland urged physios to raise awareness in their local area, for example with GPs or those leading on dementia in their trust.

‘Use Physiotherapy works as an “entry” tool, a passport, to talk to people,’ she said.