Sports injuries should be treated by qualified physios, the Health Professions Council (HPC) and the Football Association (FA) said last week.

Posted on the CSP website 24/10/11

File 102297The two organisations launched a joint campaign for people to see HPC-registered physios rather than unregistered practitioners.

‘I have seen at first hand the importance of the right advice and the right care,’ said Gary Lewin (right), head of physiotherapy services to the FA.

‘That can make a massive difference not just to sporting careers but to long-term health and well-being.’

Many people treat themselves or visit unregulated practitioners, according to a survey by market researchers Opinion Matters. One in three of those polled had suffered a sporting injury in the past five years but only 14 per cent sought help from a registered physio, it said.

‘Relatively minor injuries can become long-term problems if left untreated,’ said Dr Helena Johnson, chair of CSP council. ‘It is very important that people see a registered chartered physiotherapist as early as possible.’

GP referral to physiotherapy on the NHS is easily accessible, she said. In some areas people can now refer themselves for an initial assessment.

Additionally, this CSP website allows members of the public to find private physios in their area.

HPC registration

‘Members of the public can check with us whether the individual they are seeing is registered,’ said Kelly Johnson, the HPC’s director of fitness to practise.

‘If they are not happy with the level of professional skills or the individual’s behaviour, they can take it up with us and we will investigate further.’