BackCare App is World-Beater


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01 Mar 2011

Back Care for Back Pain and Bad Backs, was chosen as one of the  Top 10 health apps

BackCare is celebrating after its app, Back Care for Back Pain and Bad Backs, was chosen as one of the Top 10 health apps in the world.

And it has also become the most downloaded charity app on iTunes Health and Fitness chart.

The app was selected by The Sunday Times (20 February 2011) as one of only 10 health apps chosen by the newspaper. This was part of  The Sunday Times Top 500 apps of any description selected from hundreds of thousands of applications from around the world.

By logging their postcode, members of the public will be helped by the app to
find a BackCare professional closest to them who may be able to help them. Tabs
will show full contact details including name and address and phone numbers and
directions using Google maps. A special pin drop function will pin-point
BackCare professionals in the user’s area.

The other apps included in the Sunday Times Top 10 were for dieting,
giving-up smoking, first aid, and for medical reference. There was also an app
for measuring your heart rate and one for monitoring alcohol consumption.

The free-to-download app is available on the BackCare website or by visiting the
iTunes store and searching for Back Care.



BackCare is a national charity that aims to reduce the impact of
back pain on society by providing information, support, promoting good practice
and funding research. BackCare acts as a hub between patients, (healthcare)
professionals, employers, policy makers, researchers and all others with an
interest in back pain.

The Sunday Times said of BackCare’s app:

“It is packed with information that back pain sufferers will find
invaluable. As well as in-depth information on the causes of back pain and
exercise videos that target specific aches, you can use the app to search for
osteopaths and chiropractors in your area.“


Acting CEO Sean McDougall said:

“I am delighted that the charity’s hard work and ingenuity has been
recognized. The app has been getting five star reviews ever since it appeared.
Best of all, it is free and offers benefits to people in all levels of society.
It enables information about back pain and its prevention to be available in
people’s pockets.”


One five star reviewer said:

“This app has everything. The videos are great and the exercises have indeed


“Another user said:

“To be honest I was skeptical at first. Free suggests little content but no
! I’ve found this app really helpful and located someone who can help me,


A practitioner who has downloaded the app has also given it five
stars. He said:

“I am a therapist in mainly deep tissue massage. This is a great app for me
to show my client ways to care for their back as well as me looking after my
own. Simple yet effective exercises and a great way to manage your pain ! Great
app for anybody including us therapists !”


Corporate Manager Janet Mee, whose idea it was to create the app,

“I am very proud that the Sunday Times have recognised the importance of
this app. Our downloads are up 300% and we are Number 8 in the UK Health and
Fitness chart, free and paid for. To have the most downloaded charity app is an
amazing feat for the BackCare App and for


Matthew Sweetapple, of award-winning Creative Consultants,
Sweetapple, assisted with the project.  He said:

“It was great to create an app which can really make a difference to
people’s lives. Every charity in the UK, and probably the world, is trying to
harness mobile and digital technology.  The Backcare app is a perfect example of
how this can be achieved profitably. Backcare is leading the