Six Months wait for NHS physio treatment


Daily Mail reports ( 7th October  2011) that patients needing physiotherapy on the NHS are facing waiting lists of more than 6 months.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (  blames this on the budgets that have been slashed.

The delays mean patients’ conditions are deteriorating which leads to readmissions and higher long -term costs.

The CSP audited 115 PCT’s and found significant variations in how physio services are commisioned and funded. West Sussex PCT had an average waiting time of 11.8 weeks but South Tyneside and Gateshead saw patients within 15 days of referral.

200 physio managers reported cuts to services. Phil Gray, Chief Executive of the CSP said ” This report paints a disturbing picture. Patients are waiting longer to get the treatment they need, which increases the risk that their condition will worsen.When faced with this enormous challenge, it is hard to believe that the Government still wants to impose the destabilisation , massive upheaval and huge extra cost of its proposed NHS reforms”

We at The Physio Centre (   believe patients need to receive treatment as soon as they can after injury. The best results are achieved if the patients is assessed early and treatment begins without delay.